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Exchange Bitcoin Cash to Monero

Exchange in 3 steps

  • 1 Enter the desired amount of Bitcoin Cash and write your wallet address to receive currency.
  • 2Click the "Exchange now" button and you will be taken inside your order.
  • 3 Send Bitcoin Cash to the address from your order, after the required network confirmation, Monero will be sent instantly.

What do you need to know?

  • You need 2 confirmations of the from_coin blockchain for the exchange
  • When sending :to_coin Payment ID, you do not need to enter, we use integrated wallets
  • The speed of confirmation of a Monero transaction depends on the level of congestion of the Monero blockchain network, read more in our article


About Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash is a version of Bitcoin that branched off from the original in order to handle more transactions at once, making it better suited for everyday buying and selling.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a type of digital money that works through a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. It split off from Bitcoin (BTC), the most well-known cryptocurrency, in 2017 because people couldn't agree on the future direction of Bitcoin's technology. This split, called a fork, happens when a community decides to change the rules of the blockchain, creating a new version. Bitcoin Cash was created to make cryptocurrency more practical for everyday purchases by reducing fees and speeding up transactions. Unlike Bitcoin, which has small block sizes, Bitcoin Cash has larger block sizes, allowing it to handle more transactions at once and keep fees lower.

How does Bitcoin Cash work?

Bitcoin Cash uses a Proof-of-Work (PoW) system, just like Bitcoin, where miners solve puzzles to verify transactions and add them to the blockchain. The bigger block size of Bitcoin Cash means transactions are processed faster and fees are kept lower than Bitcoin's. Bitcoin Cash also supports smart contracts and other applications. With a total supply capped at 21 million coins and around 19.56 million coins in circulation as of November 2023, Bitcoin Cash aims to make transactions easy and cheap, with fees usually less than a cent.

What are the potential use cases for Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash has many ways it can be used. It's great for person-to-person payments and paying for things at stores or online. It could even support small transactions, like giving a little tip to someone for their content or rewarding users with a few cents for using an app. Bitcoin Cash also aims to make sending money across borders and doing business internationally easier. It could also be used for things like creating tokens, making simple contracts, and keeping payments private using tools like CashShuffle and CashFusion.


About Monero (XMR)

Monero is a type of digital money that really values privacy. When you do transactions with Monero, no one can follow or find out what you're doing. They use something called proof of work to make new coins and keep everything safe and private.

What is Monero?

Monero (XMR) is a digital currency created in 2014, mainly to keep transactions private and anonymous. Unlike some other digital currencies, Monero uses advanced math tricks to hide who's sending money to whom. This makes it really hard to track payments back to where they came from. Keeping things private and secure is super important for Monero. They want everyone to be able to use it without worrying about someone snooping on them, even if they're not tech-savvy. Monero aims to make fast and cheap payments without worrying about being stopped or censored.

How does Monero work?

Monero works by spreading out control, so no one person has all the power. It's all about privacy, and it has some special tricks to keep things secret. Unlike other digital money where each coin has its own unique ID, Monero makes sure each coin is just like any other. This way, you can't trace where a specific coin has been. By default, Monero hides details about who's sending money, who's getting it, and how much is being sent. It does this with something called ring signatures, which mix up past transactions to confuse anyone trying to figure out who's really sending money. Also, every time you make a transaction, Monero creates a new secret address just for that one transaction, so it's super hard to link transactions together.

What are the potential use cases for Monero?

The main reason people use Monero is to buy and sell things online while keeping their privacy and identity safe. Lots of users love how Monero keeps their transactions super secret, so they don't have to worry about anyone spying on them, like governments or hackers. Another big perk is that because Monero keeps everything so hidden, businesses can't block its coins just because they think they're involved in something shady. This makes Monero a good choice for people who think privacy will become even more important in the future.



Bitcoin Cash (BCH)




4132 USD


481.02580612751416 USD

HIGH (24H)

486.20430225388907 USD

LOW (24H)


Monero (XMR)


2623209158 USD


38299598 USD


142.24197282053635 USD

HIGH (24H)

141.25091212580946 USD

LOW (24H)


Conversion tables

BCH to XMR Conversion Table

Amount (BCH) Amount (XMR)

XMR to BCH Conversion Table

Amount (XMR) Amount (BCH)

Last update: May 27, 2024 at 10:36 AM

About Bitcoin Cash

Name Bitcoin Cash
Symbol BCH
Circulating supply 86499.99999999044 USD
Max supply NaN USD
CMC rank 2779
Volume 24h 4132 USD
HIGH (24H) 486.20430225388907 USD
Market Capital USD
Full Diluted Market Capital 41608732 USD

About Monero

Name Monero
Symbol XMR
Circulating supply 18441878.34379227 USD
Max supply NaN USD
CMC rank 47
Volume 24h 38299598 USD
HIGH (24H) 141.25091212580946 USD
Market Capital 2623209158 USD
Full Diluted Market Capital 2623209158 USD

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Circulating supply

The circulating supply of Bitcoin Cash stands at 86499.99999999044 USD coins out of a maximum supply of NaN USD coins. Meanwhile, Monero boasts a circulating supply of 18441878.34379227 USD with no defined maximum supply.

Percentage price change

Over the past 24 hours, the Bitcoin Cash rate has experienced a change of 4132 USD, and over all market capital is USD

Over the past 24 hours, the Monero rate has changed by 38299598 USD, and over all market capital is 2623209158 USD

How Bitcoin Cash to Monero calculator works

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For the convenience of users, the chainswap immediately shows the values of the main types of digital money, so that you can independently calculate or check the obtained amounts. The calculator saves the time, indicating actual values on conversion of BCH to XMR